Second-Nature Explore..

August 31, 2014

The 3rd time I saw you? Maybe.

You took my breath so fast, dont know why

I like the features of your face

Perfect hair

Perfect eyes

Perfect nose

Perfect eyebrows

Perfect eyelashes

Perfect lips

Perfect face

You’re tall

You’re height is perfect for me

I like the way you talk

I like the way you look at me

I like the way you put your hand on your chin

I like the way you listen to the person who’s talking

Maybe if im the one you’re looking at, I might faint

You’re eyesyes your eyes

If I could just stare at it all day, I'll do it

I like your eyelashes. Its so cute! Oh no, I really love your eyes. Its so brown and you have long eyelashes.

Your face, you look like a foreigner, even you dont have a blood of foreign. 

I have a question,

Why are you like that?! Why do you have to make me like this? I wanna know you! I wanna know you so much. I dont like the just exchange of smiles! I want to bond with you. I wish you could go back here again. Please? ❤ 

Hiiiiiiiiii! I wish we could see each other again soon. Didn’t had the chance to talk with you. Just eye contact but we will avoid each other immediately. Haha. I was so shocked when she said that you’re just 13 WOAH unbelievable! You’re so tall and you look like 15! Woah haha.